March 19, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break in pictures, starting with the latest outing...

here we are at the New Orleans Aquarium snapping like the white aligator!

The day before we went to the New Orleans zoo with the Curtis' and the Neese's. My lil cub ;)

We went to Lakeshore park on the reservoir with friends and fed the ducks from our picnic.

Tuesday was Sam's 3rd birthday at the park!

We started off the week with a slumber party with Mac and Mrs. Katie!! We went to the natural science museum together.

March 11, 2012

families uniting

On friday night I had the great opportunity to be at an airport party for two sweet families who were returning from Eth*opia with their beautiful children. I likened it to being in the 'delivery room' of someone bringing their child into their family for the first time. It was emotionally intense! As the parents and children walked off the plane to meet their other kiddos that had stayed here they were all happy sobbing, not to mention exhausted from being with a new toddler in a foreign country for a week and then traveling over 30 hours home with them! I didn't get great pics, but here are a few ;)

March 3, 2012

God's goodness in garage sales

I won't make this a long post since I'm whooped, but just wanted to let ya know that God really blessed us with our Garage Sale Fundraiser! I felt God's blessings in so many ways this weekend and I am really humbled and oh so grateful to Him and to YOU for allowing Him to use you as a vessel of blessing to us!! I just love it when I know I'm being prayed for ;) Since we had a big thunderstorm friday night and we couldn't set up in the open carport where we were having the sale, we sorted all the clothes inside into bins (which we all know people do not go through at garage sales, but they actually DID). We decided to hit the sack around 11:30 and wake up at 4 in hopes the rain would have stopped and we could get to work outside. God woke me up *before* my alarm, fully awake, and ready to go (those of you who really know me understand what a work of God this was)! We got everything out and our first customer was none other than our friend Kevin (who happens to be a missionary in Eth*opia) and we had fun picking out things for his new little guy for the next 3 years while they'll be in their country. The house we were at didn't have coffee (AHHH!) and Kevin volunteered to get us some (prayers answered and grace given)! Then SO many people came on a freezing windy day after a bad spring storm even though our signs blew down. And because of all of this and so many amazing people giving us their great stuff we made $750 towards our adoption costs!! Glory to God!!