September 17, 2011

Africa in Jackson

I've wanted to go to Africa so bad lately partly because we have a team from church there right now ministering to a whole bunch of our friends on the field, and because I have just wanted to go forever and now the anticipation is just building and growing:) so today we decided to get as close as we could and go to the Jackson Zoo-ha! It was a fun morning and when we got to the 'African forest' I saw a chance for a creative way to share our September number...can you see the numbers the boys are holding up?!?

Our September Number is 111!

He had to ride an animal while at the zoo :)

Myles standing on one foot like the flamingoes!

Myles and Michael woke up the orangotanges (sp??) with their 'calls', and it kinda freaked Michael out a bit!

a Tiger resting right by the majestic!

The osterich was about to sit on all her eggs. I loved watching her nudge them all, count them, move them all close together and then sit on them while the 'daddy' was busy scouring the perimeter of their exhibit to keep all of us away from his babies!

September 11, 2011


9-11 story for Pinelake Kids from K!Lake on Vimeo.

Our children's minister from the Resevoir campus, Curt Hale, created this for our kids at church. I wanted to save it for my kiddos one day when they can better understand. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I walked into my college dorm lobby to sobbing crowds huddled around our TV as we watched a plane crash into the world trade center. I'm so glad that God is sovereign, good, and victorious over evil! I'll remember the sacrifices of so many people to give me freedom and protection in our nation. Grateful today.

September 9, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday 2011 from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

so it's friday and I'm just doing some thinkin and prayin. Orphan Sunday is an initiative to bring the orphan crisis to the church's attention. I would love to participate as a church in the November 6th 'orphan sunday', but my participation of bringing this urgent need up to the church isn't really contingent on whether my church has a 'special service' or not. The church as a body is a beautiful thing when it works together to obey God's commands. I would love to see us grow in obedience to caring for the orphan and the widow! Please pray today for them, for provision of their needs,for peace in their turbulence, and comfort in their pains. Talk about it this week with your spouse, friend, coworker. Pray for an adoptive family. Support a child with a sponsorship through an aid relief agency like 'World Vision' or 'Compassion International'. Volunteer in your community to help impoverished children or families. Let's show them we are Christians by our LOVE.