August 26, 2010

July in Pennsylvania

So Our camera was out of commission most of the summer until Michael helped get me a new one. Unfortunately we didn't have it when we took our summer trip to Pennsylvania, but mom and dad made due even though my brother had my mom's camera in India! Gotta have pics of their grandbaby :) We had so much fun visiting!

"GG" (Megan's grandmother) and Megan and Myles snuggled up for a visit! If only Papa would have jumped in, it would have been four generations!
We went to an animal park and he LOVED feeding the baby deer! We got to see lots of animals.
Myles loved skinny-dipping in the backyard. I see a heiny! he thought it was kind of cold to swim in Pennsylvania, and I agreed, but he enjoyed splish splashing anyways.
Just waking up to pancakes and cookies for breakfast with Papa on the floor-only at their house does this happen!!
We saw ducks at the zoo and Myles (my feather headed duckling) loved feeding them!!

This is Myles and his "GG" Great Grandmother on Megan's side, playing with Papa's old blocks!

Busy Busby's

I started a post yesterday and then my battery charger died for my computer and I had to wait until today when Michael got us both a new one...thanks hubbie! on to the fun news!

I'm giddy.

Our good friends, Cody and Melissa Busby,( have just gotten to fly to Uganda (on tuesday) to pick up their precious little girl, Mercy, to finalize their adoption and bring her home!

We are just so excited for them and the addition of their third daughter :) Michael met Cody when he was attending Park Place Baptist Church and Cody came on as the Youth minister. Michael was in college, but wanted to help out with the middle schoolers. Soon, the guys ended up in seminary together and formed a super secret club. haha-not kidding! Michael and I were good friends with Cody and Melissa even as we were called to serve at Pinelake Church and did a lot of ministry events together. When we found out they were adopting, we couldn't be happier for them! I know it's been a long year and a half as God has stirred their heart and directed their steps toward Mercy. Be praying with me that they get a court hearing soon so they can finalize their process in Uganda, get Mercy's visa issued to her along with a passport so they can come home to Kansas in three weeks!!

Right now Melissa and Mercy are staying with wonderful family friends who recently moved to Uganda. Beth and Jeremy and their 7 (yep, I typed that right) kids. Check out what they are doing on mission at!

Michael and I would love to travel to see them and meet them at the airport for our first "airport welcome home party" in september...Lord willing!

August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Michael and I's 6 year anniversary!! Congratulations hubbie-I sure love you! Michael totally impressed me with a surprise dinner out last night at local 463...yummy! The filet and chicken special didn't disappoint, and neither did our starbucks afterwards :) Michael's present came in the mail yesterday too. A pair of 'Toms' so he could be cool in this clinton town. And the best part is a pair of shoes was given to a child in need because of his new shoes! I love gifts that keep on giving. At lunch yesterday Myles, Michael and I had some great '5 guys' burgers and then they let me pick out an outfit to wear for the evening while they played in the fountains! I headed straight to Anthropologie :) found a cute dress on clearance-yes! The day was great-then today Michael had another surprise! He totally out did himself and got me a massage at aqua the day spa. Thanks for the special anniversary, baby, and for being a Godly husband-I LOVE YOU!

August 9, 2010

Least of these

This is a video made by my friend, Gabrielle, who now works (and must raise her own support) for a new ministry called "Sisters in Service" based out of Atlanta. This new ministry is amazing, and needs much funding. The website is It's been incredible to talk with her about the world's poorest and most needy who are often women. What a chance we have to lend a helping hand!

August 7, 2010

Who dat?

I'm definately a blogging novice and so I thought I would kick off my blog with a good old fashioned "roll call"! I'll explain "M and M" a's our family nickname since we all have alliterated names beginning with "m" and ending with the same. Yes, we are that family!

I'll start with my feather headed duckling...Myles! Myles was born into the M and M's on December 11, 2008 and has been enriching our lives ever since. My husband and I are amazed constantly by the wonder of a child and all of the new things he does. Right now he's really into anything with wheels-things that go, just like he does! He loves the color blue, his buddy, Brylie, Char-Char, and beloved Mac! He's interested in his frog potty, and loves his animal "big-boy" room.

My smokin hot hubbie, is none other than Michael! Around town he's a bit of a celebrity, being a pastor and all :) Michael is incredibly intelligent. In fact he was a pre-med major before God directed him into full time ministry. Now he is serving God at Pinelake Clinton and teaching the church to hear and follow God's voice. what a catch! He loves his laptop and watching movies after he's got a thorough play time out with Myles!

and lastly is me, Megan. I'm a stay at home mom and wife and part-time preschool teacher. God has been so gracious to me to bring me to such a great family, church and community! I danced my whole life until mid pregnancy and then hung up the dancing shoes full time to just enjoy it part time :) (once a dancer, always a dancer!) I'm passionate about my God and He's placed the orphan on my heart. Some random things about me: I like to bake and EAT sweets! I love movies and fiction books, hate flying, have horrible sense of direction, and I'm creative-with many outlets!

Come hang out with us as we journey this side of heaven...on our way home!