August 29, 2012

August 2012 #

Just an update for y'all at the end of this wet week:
Hurricane Isaac has dumped lots of rain and wind at our house starting wednesday afternoon, but we are well and drying out! Myles was feeling a bit 'under the weather' wednesday, but was back in action for the rest of the week. He's doing really well at school and I even completed his first 'project' for him :) Michael told him, 'wow, mommy's doing so great on your poster! She's going to be great at doing your homework". (insert sarcastic laugh by me) NOT hardly buddy! All in all, he's liking school, but it will take a little time to feel comfortable in a new environment.

Next, I wanted to share our new August 2012 number...62! That's five spots this month!

This upcoming month of September is declared a month devoted to prayer at our house (as every month should be I guess, but I digress...) If you haven't heard, Michael is on sabbatical from work/church for the month and is doing some serious resting/learning/traveling/praying! We are beyond grateful to our wonderful church for this opportunity!! I'll be trying to keep life for Myles as close to our 'normal' as possible, with the exception of a beach trip and a few days with his grandparents so Michael and I can get away together! If you think about us this month, would you pray for us? We would love to hear the Lord together, grow together, and be replenished together.

And to end this disjointed update, our friends Doug and Shelley are finishing up their adoption and need the last bit of money to bring their son home, so they are selling t-shirts. They are gray and have the blue silhouette of Ethiopia on the front with Psalm 127 inscribed inside "Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord." I ordered mine this week and can't wait to sport it:) We were in ministry for a season with this dear family and love that we're both on this journey of adoption! If you can't swing the t-shirt cost (only $15), and even if you can, please know that prayer is even more vital and I'm sure they would love for you to say their name to our heavenly Father on their behalf! Here's their blog address where you can see the t-shirt fundraiser post and learn more about their journey!

August 14, 2012

Welcome to Preschool!

The past week has been fun and crazy because we've been living up the last week of 'summer'! I put that in quotes because it's summer weather here in Mississippi for like 3 more months, and Myles is just going to pre3k 3 days a week. We've made some fun out of our days nonetheless and gone to the park, library, pool, had friends over, and gone put-put golfing! I had to bite the bullet today and send him to his first day of preschool and I got a little sentimental over it! I'm thanking the Lord that I have had a wonderful 3 1/2 years at home with him and that he has wonderful teachers/friends at a great preschool (where I also teach the mother's day out program two days a week). Here's Myles in front of the preschool banner and playground...

This past week we also received an amazing package from worker's whom we pray for in Ethiopia! They are so incredibly supportive of us adopting a baby girl from their country and they couldn't resist buying her this traditional dress! It came with a cute head wrap too!

We also had a very special day yesterday-8/14/12-Michael and I's 8 year anniversary! This was Michael's card this year :) He got me a Dyson vacuum cleaner!! I am so excited-seriously-this is speaking my love language! I can't wait to go try it out! Until next time-let love reign! I can't believe I'm going to quote Toby Mac, but his new song "Let my life be the proof" is such a great lyric. my fav line, "If I give to a needy soul, but don't have love, then my heart is the one full of poverty."

August 5, 2012

August 3rd

Just had to write this down for memory's sake :) and it's a fun story!

A few days ago, on August 3rd, two very cool things happened. 1. My one and only brother turned 29 forever :) and 2. we moved 3, yes 3 spots down the waitlist! This has never happened to us before. 3 spots on the 3rd is pretty clever, God. I feel like I got a birthday present too :) we are unoffically 64 now.

August 1, 2012

July 2012 number!

The best movement we have ever seen-Thank you God! Our email we received last night read...

'For the month of July you are officially #67 on the girls “list.” Congratulations on your movement this month! Very exciting!'

12 spots. wow. And my friends nearer the top of the lists are #2 and #7!!

Thank you for praying with us this month and for rejoicing with us too :)