January 31, 2013

first # of 2013

We got our new waitlist number for January 2013, and we are officially #51 for our baby girl!  It's been a month of paperwork renewal as we updated our homestudy and fingerprints.  We amended some things as well, we are now open to minor correctable special needs and are praying about upping our age parameters from newborn-two years old.  We had a good visit with our social worker and learned a lot about the state of adoption in our state right now.  We also had a lengthy phone conversation with our case manager (she is in in Oregon and works for our agency, All God's Children, Intl.) this month regarding the state of adoption in Ethiopia, some recent happenings in the region and some updates to the law there.  It's been more highs and lows emotionally.  But my favorite adoption happening this month was by far the traveling to Ethiopia by my good friends, the Smiths!  I think God is just so sweet to allow me the privaledge of watching first hand my friends walk through this process ahead of us :)  It helps me wait with hope and I have such joy in my heart for them and their new baby boy! (he's such a piece of cutie pie at 6 months old and 21 pounds!!)

January 26, 2013

God's guidance

Can you guess where Michael and I went?!  The last pic should tip you off :)  Las Vegas!  It was like another world full of body art, tight pants, and over-the-top everything!  The first picture was me in my first visit to a casino.  I was amazed by them, but in the pic I look less than excited because a strange traveling stomach bug thing was overtaking me-fun times!  The second day was much better and that night we went to see the 'singing fountains' in front of the Bellagio and ate at the Paris restaurant in the Eiffel tower-both were incredible!

As for the reason we went...well it was no vacation.  We were being assessed by a church planting network that our prior church uses as a training tool.  At the end of two days full of very intensely rigorous interviews, counseling sessions, and testing activities we were much more self-aware and they knew just about everything there is to know about us!  We took away a lot of great resources and with even more to 'work on'.  They recommended some things for us, and told us we could come back in 8 months to 're-assess' when they thought we would be more ready.  Ultimately that means we weren't accepted into our previous church's 'church planting program'.  Laman's terms:  God has another route for us, and now we are praying about what that plan will be ;)

So, what are our next steps?  I'd like to know too!  Right now, we are being proactive about waiting on the Lord (talk about a theme in life right now!) and working on some things in our marriage (communication during times of life transition, anyone??).  We heard God call us to plant a church.  We believe obedience should be immediate so He has our yes, and we don't want to rush ahead of Him so we're praying for direction, guidance, and provision... and guess what?  He's answering day by day! God will guide.  He is faithful.  Please pray for us.  The end :)

January 13, 2013

Christmas Review

 Myles LOVED every ounce of Christmas this year!  He sums it up with his favorite new christmas song, "holly, jolly, Christmas"-and he sums it up OFTEN!  he was singing it this morning and I said, 'I did have a holly, jolly, christmas!  Why do you keep telling me to have one?"  he said, "we have to remember it, mama!"  ahhh....you're right :)
 Playing his new and favorite game on the wii....star wars lego wii game was a common sight in our house over the break!
 The three cousins all ready for Santa in their matching pajamas on Christmas eve. (thanks to my sis!)
 Daddy took Myles on his first hunting trip, and before they left they went to bass pro for some practice shooting (or a bb gun game?!)
 Myles was trying out his new big boy bike for the first time...a little nervous, but excited!
Michael and I returned from our assessment in Vegas this week and while it was a thorough and tiring interview process, it brought about some great conversations and made us more self aware.  We were glad for the treat of eating out at the Eiffel tower restaurant one night, and at Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant another night :)