March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Yesterday I ordered all of our birth certificates and mom is working on getting a cheaper marriage certificate copy for us thursday. Today I went by my social worker's office to drop off our tax return. Since we were so close to baptist hospital, I couldn't resist stopping in to check on our friends-the Yates. They had just had their third child!! James, a healthy baby boy, is here, and his family couldn't be happier :)

All we lack now to finish our homestudy is a verification of our smoke detectors and fire extinguisher and our final home inspection in which our social worker will 'interview' Myles-can't wait for that! He knows our social workers name even though he hasn't met her, and he is eager to play choo-choo's with her when she comes over! haha Happy fat tuesday all! We're having the Spring break Paris missions team over tonight and I've got the king cake ready!

1 comment:

  1. Really excited to hear about the progress yall are making with bring Marlee home. I am also a little excited about the king cake!!