September 17, 2011

Africa in Jackson

I've wanted to go to Africa so bad lately partly because we have a team from church there right now ministering to a whole bunch of our friends on the field, and because I have just wanted to go forever and now the anticipation is just building and growing:) so today we decided to get as close as we could and go to the Jackson Zoo-ha! It was a fun morning and when we got to the 'African forest' I saw a chance for a creative way to share our September number...can you see the numbers the boys are holding up?!?

Our September Number is 111!

He had to ride an animal while at the zoo :)

Myles standing on one foot like the flamingoes!

Myles and Michael woke up the orangotanges (sp??) with their 'calls', and it kinda freaked Michael out a bit!

a Tiger resting right by the majestic!

The osterich was about to sit on all her eggs. I loved watching her nudge them all, count them, move them all close together and then sit on them while the 'daddy' was busy scouring the perimeter of their exhibit to keep all of us away from his babies!

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  1. Love your new number...triple 1's!!! :) And thanks so much for your sweet, encouraging comment on my blog! Love ya, friend!