January 13, 2013

Christmas Review

 Myles LOVED every ounce of Christmas this year!  He sums it up with his favorite new christmas song, "holly, jolly, Christmas"-and he sums it up OFTEN!  he was singing it this morning and I said, 'I did have a holly, jolly, christmas!  Why do you keep telling me to have one?"  he said, "we have to remember it, mama!"  ahhh....you're right :)
 Playing his new and favorite game on the wii....star wars lego wii game was a common sight in our house over the break!
 The three cousins all ready for Santa in their matching pajamas on Christmas eve. (thanks to my sis!)
 Daddy took Myles on his first hunting trip, and before they left they went to bass pro for some practice shooting (or a bb gun game?!)
 Myles was trying out his new big boy bike for the first time...a little nervous, but excited!
Michael and I returned from our assessment in Vegas this week and while it was a thorough and tiring interview process, it brought about some great conversations and made us more self aware.  We were glad for the treat of eating out at the Eiffel tower restaurant one night, and at Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant another night :)

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