August 26, 2010

Busy Busby's

I started a post yesterday and then my battery charger died for my computer and I had to wait until today when Michael got us both a new one...thanks hubbie! on to the fun news!

I'm giddy.

Our good friends, Cody and Melissa Busby,( have just gotten to fly to Uganda (on tuesday) to pick up their precious little girl, Mercy, to finalize their adoption and bring her home!

We are just so excited for them and the addition of their third daughter :) Michael met Cody when he was attending Park Place Baptist Church and Cody came on as the Youth minister. Michael was in college, but wanted to help out with the middle schoolers. Soon, the guys ended up in seminary together and formed a super secret club. haha-not kidding! Michael and I were good friends with Cody and Melissa even as we were called to serve at Pinelake Church and did a lot of ministry events together. When we found out they were adopting, we couldn't be happier for them! I know it's been a long year and a half as God has stirred their heart and directed their steps toward Mercy. Be praying with me that they get a court hearing soon so they can finalize their process in Uganda, get Mercy's visa issued to her along with a passport so they can come home to Kansas in three weeks!!

Right now Melissa and Mercy are staying with wonderful family friends who recently moved to Uganda. Beth and Jeremy and their 7 (yep, I typed that right) kids. Check out what they are doing on mission at!

Michael and I would love to travel to see them and meet them at the airport for our first "airport welcome home party" in september...Lord willing!


  1. Yay! How exciting! Thanks for sharing with us! I just started following their blog! Are they here? Would love to go to airport too, if they are!! :)

  2. They moved to a church in Kansas :(