August 26, 2010

July in Pennsylvania

So Our camera was out of commission most of the summer until Michael helped get me a new one. Unfortunately we didn't have it when we took our summer trip to Pennsylvania, but mom and dad made due even though my brother had my mom's camera in India! Gotta have pics of their grandbaby :) We had so much fun visiting!

"GG" (Megan's grandmother) and Megan and Myles snuggled up for a visit! If only Papa would have jumped in, it would have been four generations!
We went to an animal park and he LOVED feeding the baby deer! We got to see lots of animals.
Myles loved skinny-dipping in the backyard. I see a heiny! he thought it was kind of cold to swim in Pennsylvania, and I agreed, but he enjoyed splish splashing anyways.
Just waking up to pancakes and cookies for breakfast with Papa on the floor-only at their house does this happen!!
We saw ducks at the zoo and Myles (my feather headed duckling) loved feeding them!!

This is Myles and his "GG" Great Grandmother on Megan's side, playing with Papa's old blocks!

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  1. Oh my...that booty picture is just pure sweetness...makes me smile.