September 12, 2010

No Compromise

So this past wednesday night I got to hear Michael preach out of Galatians 6. Paul is passionately teaching the people it's Jesus' work on the cross that matters, and not the cross + the Law. They didn't get it. They were afraid of what people in their culture would think of them if they went all in to follow Jesus. They were afraid what Jesus might call them to...discomfort! Never mind, I'll just stay immersed in my culture and in my comfy, predictable, easy existence. guess who I saw in those galatian people? ME.

Over the past year God has been (very graciously might I add) tilling the soil of my heart to see if I am someone who really will follow Him wherever He leads. "The Lord's Spirit moves to and fro across the Earth to see if there is a people who will follow Him." By the end of this message I was pleading with the Lord that He would find me when he was looking over the Earth, and that I would be found faithful when He called. I honestly wanted to fast forward to heaven when I would be perfected in righteousness for Him, but He whispered to me that He was already pleased with Me. really? I need to let God's love for me sink in...deeply, everyday. So, with my "not yet perfect" self, I'm choosing to not compromise each day.

Paul showed the Galatians he was a legit follower of God's by the beating marks on his back. How does my life look different from those around me in my culture? Lord, lead me!


  1. I am equally blessed to walk alongside you my sweet thankful for the Lord's faithfulness and so excited to see Him moving in the lives of His you.

  2. Love this! I am also going to choose with you to "not compromise" every day! Love how the Lord calls His people to truly lay down their lives and follow Him!