September 2, 2010

A High Price

I wanted to share something that my sweet friend and partner in ministry, Katie, shared with me last week. I can't forget it, and God has really used her words to strengthen my faith. We were sitting around after a long day at work talking about life and the topic of our friend's adoptions came up. I told her that if God would call me to that, the MONEY factor would just prove to be a mountain that would be immovable. I was admitting my fear at following my Lord in every area of my life. The Cost of discipleship is high. Jesus said to "take up your cross and follow me". That isn't an easy command, and I regret to say it...I've been holding some of my life back. Willing to follow if the cross wasn't too uncomfortable, or the journey too long.

Well, what Katie said next totally changed my attitude and my perspective. I was looking at finances as an immovable mountain, and she was seeing it as an opportunity to watch God move in power. She started tearing up as she told me how glad she was that adoption was so costly, because it's such an amazing picture of God's rescuing ransom of us. To not be able to afford the high price to adopt an orphan into a family, but to love them so much that you do everything you can to get just like God's rescuing adoption journey of us; to bring us into His family forever cost Him EVERYTHING.

God is able. He is the creator of the ends of the earth-and what He calls us to, He will equip us for. These are all truths that I say, but I needed to be reminded of lately. Our small group is going through a study called "Chase the Goose" in which, we've been challenged to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit wherever He calls us. somewhere along the way I've taken the risk, danger, and struggle out of following Jesus, and made it just a comfortable way of life. I love that He's stirring in my spirit to follow His! I feel more alive than ever. I'm excited at the possibilities, and a little scared of the journey He has for me too. But I know following Jesus is worth more than anything-He is the greatest treasure!

So here it is God, my everything in response.

And thank you for such a wonderful friend in Katie!

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  1. Oh, girl I love this! I am so excited to see the journey He has for ya'll too! Jody and I were just talking last night about all the cool ways He has inspired our friends to help us on our adoption selling bracelets, bags and now cheesecakes & caramel cakes!! :) So fun! I am so glad we did NOT have the money for the is a blast watching God provide it! And it is so neat to see how He has used so many others in our journey! Every bag, bracelet, and cake sold is another family that has touched our life and helped to bring Caroline Faith home. What a blessing!!!!