October 19, 2010

I'm married to an Ironman!

Michael's been training for ever for a Half Ironman (70.3 miles) race in Austin, TX. Well, this past sunday was race day! I just have to brag for a minute on my man. He has been SO disciplined in exercising and training and it has spilled over into every facet of his life. He's been growing spiritually and in the Word every day...really studying hard. He's been spending time with Myles and going on date nights with me. He's doing a lot at work these past three months and training at the end really had to increase so I was really looking forward to "being done", but I have to say I'm not going to just give this discipline in his life a wave goodbye. i've seen second hand how much it's done for him, and it's made me want to implement it into my life too. don't worry, I'm not entering a race anytime soon-and I doubt he is either!!

Anyways, I didn't have my camera because I can't find it...probably another product of no discipline in my life :) but I did have my video so I wanted to share some clips with you. First comes the swim (1.2 miles) in which Michael caught a bad cramp in his left calf that never came out the whole rest of the race! ARGH! but he still had a great time seeing as he held onto a kayak for 5 minutes. Then he jumped on his bike for a 56 mile hilly ride. He wasn't able to run the half marathon (13.1 miles) after that because of the leg, but he was determined to finish and so he WALKED the whole thing in three and a half hours. (determined???)

I've been trying to decide if that's super inspiring or really crazy....I think I settled on both! Get ready for a little spandex :)

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