February 15, 2011

Valentine's from Africa

How awesome that on valentine's day, I open up my mailbox to see a package from Africa?!
Good friends of ours that live in Uganda now had sent us thank you cards from the christmas packages we sent them, and it just so happened to arrive on love day :) Such a cool encouragement to me! My friend sent me some African fabric for Marlee, and some Ugandan beaded bracelets-love them Kat!! these beads are each handmade by Ugandan women by rolling up magazine/newspapers to form the different colors. Talk about resourceful ;)

This week has been absolutely gorgeous weather and I feel the spring fever coming :) I got my first sunburn yesterday because I took Myles to the park ALL morning and we didn't go home for nap until 2:30! But last week we were freezing and had snow...

We've just been plugging away at our homestudy. This past week has been all Michael! He had his third homestudy interview and thursday he has his physical. He's not feeling well today and Myles is trying to get the cold too, but hopefully both my boys will be feeling better soon!

Hope you had a happy valentine's day and I pray you feel the love of our Father for you today too!


  1. So sweet!! Love all the cute things from Africa!! You gotta make something cute for Marlee with that fabric! :)

  2. Missed you today! Millie kept saying, "myles, myles!" They're in love! Hope to see you this week!!