February 2, 2011

What we're up to...

Thought I would give a little weekly update on what we've been up to lately in the adoption process. Right now we're working on finishing up our homestudy. Myles had his physical monday, I have mine tomorrow, and Michael is putting off his blood test :) Come on dad, if Myles can take the needle-so can you!! We've been taking online classes, I had my personal 'background info' interview with my social worker, turned in some of our required paperwork, and been working on writing thank yous to all you wonderful people who have given to help bring Marlee home! We lack a few things still, but hopefully by the next week or two we will be inviting our social worker into our home for our final home inspection-yikes!

In our family life, we are busy 'outliving our lives'! haha, it's become such a catch phrase, but we are loving the sermon series at church and the amazing ways God is moving us, our small group, and our church to press into God and obey Him with our full trust! I started teaching a class of my own at school (3 year olds) and Myles is jabbering away! We're having a blast with that little man of ours :)

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