April 7, 2011

Home Inspection and Jewelry

Long time no blog, I know-sorry! I do this thing when I get overwhelmed-withdrawing! :) This process is emotional and the paperwork process is getting me a little flustered and leaving me feel awfully vulnerable and weak. I'm SO not type A (have I mentioned that before?! ha) but today was encouraging because we finished up our part of the homestudy with our social worker coming to our home for our final 'inspection/visit"!

She mainly wanted to see our smoke detectors and wondered which room Marlee will be in, and which one Myles will be in. I've given this a lot of thought, and I'll probably give it even more, but for now I'm going to convert his crib to a toddler bed this summer and let him stay in that until we get closer to going to pick up Marlee. Then he'll move rooms into the big boy double bed and I'll keep the nursery for Marlee. I'll just make it girly :)

We haven't heard any official word from Ethiopia about how many cases they will process after they finish up these backlogged cases and the ones they started processing before March 8th (the day they said they were cutting back processing times by 90%) There are some encouraging things being done to help them 'speed up' the process and ensure they are ethical, but we have no 'timeline' as of yet.

It's really hard to be finishing up paperwork, not knowing how long we might be waiting...like being pregnant but not knowing a due date! I know this faith journey God has me on is SO good for me, and bringing her home eventually will be SO worth it. Thanks for praying for us this week!

On the fundraising side of things, we are starting a new fundraiser with premier jewelry! My sweet friend from youth ministry days, Becky Reed, has been so gracious to give me the sales from a 2 week jewelry sale!! You can go online and look at www.premierdesigns.com and email me to order, or if you're in the area I have a catalog you can look at and order with me! We'll close the fundraiser out on April 20th. Just think of all the things you may need a gift for coming up...graduation, birthdays, mothers day, easter! We also have a few frames left, we always have coffee, and whenever the Lord leads you to donate we are SO blessed!

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  1. My husbandand I are going through the paperchasing process right now too. (Actually, hopefully we have completed most of the paperwork. Our file is being authenticated right now.) Hold close to your faith, the paperwork will pass and you will be that much closer to bringing your little girl home.