April 29, 2011

Restoration Hope

Jason and Brandy Hester are dear friends of Michael and I, and they have started a non-profit called Restoration Hope. They're responding to God's call to care for orphans-specifically He has called them to GO to S. Africa to aid in the orphan crisis there. Would you go to their website now and check it out?!

They've been such a blessing to Michael and I as we are hearing God call us to care for orphans by adoption. They have given God their YES before even knowing the details. I have learned a lot by watching their faith journey so far, and I'm so excited for what God has in store for their family in the future. Would you PRAY that God would lead them, provide for them, protect them in every way, grow them closer to Christ and each other, and use them to restore hope to the people in S. Africa?!

So, stepping out of comfort into faith is always scary and risky, but well worth it. I hope that if God calls me to follow Him to hard places I will say yes like the Hester's have! They have begun the non-profit, and are now in the throes of fundraising. (yucko) Just piddling in fundraising for the past few months for an adoption, I can't imagine fundraising for your ministry, livelihood, and children!! Would you please consider supporting God's work to bring His Kingdom to the children of S. Africa by writing a check or buying a t-shirt??! I got a "love" t-shirt for my birthday, and I truly LOVE it! I would recommend getting a size bigger than you normally wear. They are available on the website as well.

Another tidbit of info I'll include since I'm going to jump in on this part too...to all you sewers out there-we are making simple clothing (dresses and shorts) for the children that the Hester's are serving in Africa! If you're interested, just email me at megsmanuel@gmail.com :)

A quick adoption update on us: yesterday we finally finished our local background checks that have taken over a month to complete thanks to God and a sweet notary named Julie! Here's Myles on one of our many trips. Seriously, how do you take a still shot of a two year old?!?

And my renewed passport that we have waited on since early march came in today!! So I called our social worker and she emailed me that we are all paid up for the homestudy, but she still hasn't written it (typical I think). So a few more papers to notarize next week and we should have the "Dossier" all packaged and ready to ship when the completed homestudy arrives! My goal to ship it off to AGCI was mother's day-so now my new goal is Memorial day. I won't be surprised if it's Father's day before it gets in our hands though!

choosing joy. :)

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