May 18, 2011

It's In!

This morning I was having a prayer time, and I asked the Lord for our homestudy to be finished today. Then I jumped in the shower and the crazy day began. After I got home from work I put myles down for a rest and went to the front porch with my bible. I started reading and after a little while I kept getting this feeling like I should go check the mail, I tried to ignore it a few times and chalked it up to my distracting brain...but I finally got up and went to the mailbox. Well, I pulled out a thick manilla envelope with our homestudy agency's address in the return spot! I opened it to find two original copies of our homestudy, one already sent to our agency, and one already sent to Dept. of Human Services. They said "It is with great pleasure that we approve you for the adoption of a child"!! The Lord heard me, and answered me-Thank you, Lord!

We needed the completed homestudy to file our next piece of paperwork-the I-600A. So I need to get on that since approval from the government (USCIS) may take up to 8-12 weeks! That's the last piece of paper we need to send in all our paperwork to our agency and get on a waiting list to be matched with a child.

All of this paperwork costs a pretty penny to turn in. Would you continue to pray with us that God would provide the funds we need when we need them-I know He will! Would you buy some coffee from our 'just love coffee' fundraiser, or consider donating to our adoption fund? Both can be done on the right side of our blog...just click on the links. Right now, we are about halfway to what we need to turn all this paper in (our Dossier).

In all the small and big moments God has been challenging me to "Trust in Him at all times, O People, Pour out your hearts to Him, for God is a refuge for us." ps. 62:8 I've started practicing my 'trusting of Him' by pouring out my heart to Him, and I'm finding the God of Peace. I pray you will too.

May God's blessing be on you and your family!


  1. YAY!!! Praise God!!! What an answered prayer! So glad that your homestudy is DONE! And I love that God has given us the same exact verse to cling to...and remind us to continue to pour out our hearts to Him!!!

  2. Yay! I know God will provide for the dossier! He has so far, He won't leave you now!

  3. Wow! You will be on the wait list before you know it! And I know that our sweet Lord Jesus will provide all that is needed. He is so wonderful!

  4. We sent our I-600A out on May 26. I wonder how closely our approvals will happen. Have you gotten fingerprinted yet?