May 25, 2011

Let's pray them home

I've posted a few times about our friends, Cody and Melissa Busby, who are adopting a little girl, Mercy, from Uganda. Melissa has been in Uganda for 8 months today and is still waiting on a favorable ruling and a visa for Mercy to enter the U.S. They have been to court many times and have completed numerous "paperwork chases". They have a court appointment tomorrow, which is actually really early thursday morning for us. Would you pray with us for their favorable ruling, and visa's tonight?? Here's a link to Melissa's blog with some prayer points.
God, would you see and hear your servants as they seek your will to be done during this court appointment tomorrow in Uganda. Would you hold all of them in your hand and grant them your peaceful presence. Would you reunite their family soon and bring about a favorable ruling, a visa, plane tickets, and joy in your will.


  1. Thanks so much Alison! They had some more complications with their case and so it remains unresolved right now. They aren't without hope, however, but I'm sure discouraged at not crossing the finish line yet

  2. Praying hard for their family!!

  3. I'm not friends with the Busby's on facebook.. wondering if you've heard about court yet?

    Thanks Megan!