December 1, 2011

Shop with a purpose!

NOW is the time to order Ordinary Hero gear! Shop TODAY through December 11th at midnight ... 40% of your purchase goes toward our adoption costs. Simply choose my name (Megan Manuel) from the drop-down affiliate box. There is even a specials Tab where prices have been slashed! Top seller receives $500 grant from OH! Can you please help me??! They have GREAT new items to choose from..Take a look and Thank you!!! :) For the Ordinary Hero store, just click here! *important* you have to choose my name from the affiliate drop down menu at checkout for us to get credit :)

Anyone enjoy a steamy cup of coffee perfection? Ethiopia's major export is just that-and it's the best in the world in my humble opinion! Get a bag of African coffee for the coffee lover on your Christmas List this year and we get a portion of the proceed and you are helping to sustain the livelihood of Ethiopian coffee farmers as they receive a fair wage for their labors from Just Love Coffee! Their are links on the right sidebar of my blog for both of these fundraisers too!

I don't want to be stingy so I'd love to give you some links to other blogs who did the ground work of compiling awesome lists of 'gifts that give back' for your holiday shopping this year! Alison at Lovin' Much has a Christmas shopping list you can access by clicking on the Christmas Tree on the left sidebar of her blog. Also, Melissa at Road to Mercy, has a great list where you can shop with a purpose.

I got (and don't worry, they've already received them at Thanksgiving) my siblings adoption fundraising T-shirts from Josh and Katie Braddy. You can check out their most awesome t-shirt design at their blog-the Braddy bunch! and my sweet friend Brandy and her husband Jason Hester started a non-profit to benefit orphans and widows in South Africa called Restoration Hope. You can provide a week's salary to a caretaker (usually an older widow) for the orphans at Tabitha Ministries by the purchase of one shirt! You can check out their website and order here!

Me and my sweet sis, Erin at Thanksgiving. I'm wearing the Restoration Hope 'love' shirt and when I gave Erin and Julie their's-they loved them!

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  1. Thanks for the Christmas list shout-out! Hope that these adoptive families are so blessed this Christmas season!!! Including ya'll, of course! :)