February 29, 2012

New Numbers and a Garage Sale!

First things first...Thank you to everyone who prayed for me, invited me to lunch (Kelly :), called, texted, hugged me, commented on the blog/facebook, and generally took care of me these past few weeks! I was in a low spot and the Lord saw me there, met me there, and used many of you and His LIVING word to encourage me out of there. With that said, I'd like to encourage you with our new waitlist number for February 2012...#92! I'll take moving 4 spots in a month over none any day!!

We are also celebrating with some friends who live in Jackson and another couple who live in Clinton (that's right...Ethiopian adoptees right down the road!!) are adopting a sweet toddler girl and boy respectively from Ethiopia because they just recieved clearance from the US embassy to GO get their children and BRING them home!! We can't wait to be at the airport when they both arrive home next week! I will actually post some pictures on my blog then :) And there is another wonderful family from our Madison campus at church who are leaving tomorrow to go pick up their daughter in China and bring her home forever! I love how God is moving people's hearts in our church to adopt and care for orphans!

Last, but not least, we are having a Garage Sale Fundraiser this Saturday, March 3rd from 6am-noon in crossgates west subdivision across the street from the Pearl Wal-Mart. Michael is my knight in shining armor who will be running around with my father-in-laws truck friday while I'm working and it's his 'day off', picking up donations from all you lovely people who are helping out with this one! Thank you, and come on out if you're in the area!

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  1. LOVE that new number, Megan!!! Y'all are almost to the 80's!!! Yay!!! Excited to hear how the fundraiser goes! Let us know if we can help y'all in any way!