April 30, 2012

April Update

April went by so quickly that I hardly noticed it was almost gone until last night. Michael was talking about schedules and events going on in two or three weeks, May this and that....hold up-May? wow, I'm kinda glad :) I tried not to constantly check my email today since it was the last day in April and that means new adoption numbers day! We finally did get our new April 2012 number this evening...#84!! We also received positive info regarding the movement of the program, the wait times decreasing once children are matched to their families until they get to come home, and the U.S. Embassy reiterating that they are in favor of Americans adopting Ethiopians :) (that's always good to hear, right?!) In my last blog post prior to Easter I mentioned how I was taking the month of April to pray for the Horn of Africa. Let me say, I'm so glad I did. God reminded me of His plan for me, even His purpose for me to have DAILY DEPENDANCE on Him alone. I fasted at times to pray for different specific things and that was the sweetest communion with Him and the times I was most 'in tune' with God. He's been doing some painful pruning in me this month, so if you think of it, please lift me up to the Father in prayer. I'm kinda tired right now, but I'm also very grateful for His working in me-and the love He shows even through the hard times to make me like Jesus. For a little update on our 'fundraiser with phones'....I have dropped the ball and have not put much effort into this one guys! If you have some old (working or not) phones, ipods, mp3's, or small gadget and you 1. live out of our area-message me and i'll get you my address for you to pop them in the mail to us. or 2. live at the resevoir/brandon area and go to our church out there, just drop them off in Michael's mailbox at the church. or 3. live in clinton-message me and I will come pick them up from you!! Thanks so much!

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  1. Praying for you, friend, that His sweet grace will be evident in the pruning and that your vine will bear much fruit to His glory! Love you.