July 11, 2012

New Number

So We got our June 2012 # finally over this past weekend and we also just returned from our trips this past weekend (Michael in NOLA, and Myles and I in Pennsylvania) We moved one more spot closer to Marlee Joy than last month, and I believe everyday is a small step closer! For last month we are officially #79! And I know of several referrals that have gone out already in the last days of June and first week of July that are putting us lower and lower :) I'm praying a bold prayer this month-that 9 baby girls would be referred out in July! This isn't just selfish to move us down to 70, but my good friend, Alison is at #9 on the list and I've been praying that she would get a referral before the rainy season court closure in August...would you PRAY with me?! This would also bring a referral to my sweet friend Jenny, and she would have a girl! (ok, that girl part is kinda selfish:) I also have a friend, Katie, that I've met during this adoption who received their referral for their son, and just got back from their first trip to Ethiopia! I am praying for their next appointment with embassy, and for all the preparations they are making to welcome a 5 year old boy into their home! I'm learning how to pray them home. Speaking of home, check out this sweet pillow my friend Katie got me with 'home' on it for Marlee's room! I've been so spoiled with encouragement over this journey-but I'm not complaining-Thank You!!


  1. Megan, I am so overwhelmed right now!!! I love your heart, and I love the way you pray boldly!!! Yes, sweet friend, I am praying with you for a July miracle!!! Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement! Love you!!!

  2. I am joining you in prayer sweet friend! NINE baby girls this month!!! I know God can make it happen!
    I think we are down at least 2-3 more spots since our June number was sent, so exciting!!!!

  3. Praying with you, friend, to the One who can do and does do ALL His holy will!