July 22, 2012

Pennsylvania Picures

You've missed the best part if you ever visit PA and you miss seeing a Lake Erie sunset :) Myles and I loved skipping rocks while we waded in the water during the sunset with Nana and Papa (mom and dad)

We went to a fourth of July parade and it was about as exciting as Myles face here...

but he also got to ride a dragon!

We love having campfires and making smores!

Myles was kinda obsessed with his 'kingship' while at Nana and Papa's house ;)

We got to visit the farm and my sweet cousins-what a treat! This was so good for my soul :)

And Myles got to play his first round of 'tut tut golf' as he calls it...and now he is obsessed! He asked for it everyday and so we finally took him again the last day we were there! We LOVED our visit to PA!!

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  1. Ahh, a Lake Erie sunset. I hear you, girl!