September 17, 2012


last weekend Michael and I got away to D.C. (where we joke around that we'll retire one day due to the excellent weather and of course the home of the Redskins football) We got to see the new MLK memorial, and spent time with my amazing cousins!

Here we are sunday after church with the littlest Lewis, Lily! Myles stayed at home with Michael's parents and they had a blast too!

The week before that Myles got pretty sick with 'shigella' a type of bacterial food poisoning! it was so sad, but after a week and a half of not feeling good, he was back in business!

Here is is at his first soccer practice, sitting on his ball, listening to his coach!

We are still on sabbatical and loving having Michael around when he's home, and we covet your prayers for us during this month! We officially began our adoption paperwork renewal today, so I'll keep ya updated on where we stand in the coming weeks! Thanks for partnering with us in prayer!!


  1. Praying for you guys and think of you often!!!!

  2. Standing with you in prayer, friend.