September 29, 2012

September 2012 #

Don't get too excited, our movement isn't flying down the waitlist this month, but the fact that we did move at all is encouraging since we are in the 'court closure season'. We are officially # 61 for September 2012. That's one spot down from last month. Things certainly seemed to have slowed down with the closing of the courts and the rainy season in Ethiopia. Just to refresh your memory from last year, the Ethiopian courts close for a period of time in the fall during their 'rainy season'. During this time children can still be matched with families, but their adoptions cannot proceed through court until they start issuing appointments again. We are about halfway through the closure right now. I am excited, however, that this month's movement means a sweet baby girl is known by her heavenly Father, AND her new adoptive earthly family. She's being loved on and prayed for by many and will soon meet her forever family in October when the courts reopen! This month has been a 'sabbatical' month for our family. We've taken time to unwind from our normal schedule and sought the Lord. We are rested and refreshed from being in a new rhythm and in God's presence. A huge thank you to our church family for allowing us this time!! One weekend this month while Michael was away hiking with friends I had a girls day and disguised it as a fundraiser :) Here's Adriel, me and Jessica hanging out! This was such a blessing to me to have my friends come over and encourage me with prayers for Marlee and they even bought jewelry to help with our adoption costs!
This past week has been a great time to reflect on where we've been as a family, and also to dream about our future! We spent the week at the Beach living it up! (and severely over-eating and loafing!) I adore my boys and loved getting a chance to love on them, play with them, and take pics of them. One sweet thing I have to soon as we drove in to Orange Beach, we went down to the water. Myles saw it and said, 'Marlee lives across that ocean-let's go get her!" Then he ran into the water ;) I love how sensitive he is to remember his sister though he doesn't even know her yet!

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  1. Love these pictures!!! So glad ya'll have had a good, restful month! And YAY for being closer to your sweet Marlee girl!!! :)