May 1, 2013

Counting the Cost

This post has been ruminating in me for a few weeks, so here goes my feeble attempt at communicating it!  The events that led me to count the cost were pretty messy.  My own meltdown one monday morning, my anxiety/depression, my perpetual state of waiting purgatory,  my 'changes' involved in planting a church, all combined to make the perfect storm in my soul.  I let it rage. 

It was ugly.

But something so unexpected happened...


God showered it on me (and He used my amazing husband to do a lot of the work!  Michael is so often a faithful and true representation of Christ to me).  I've been working hard at uncovering lies, clinging to truth, wrestling with doubt, and practicing gratitude.  It's been a sweet time of growth through some storms.  Then last week I was finishing up the month long prayer I had been praying on behalf of a friend's adoption.  We were asking big things and God decided in His perfect sovereignty to answer in a different way.  rough. tough. but ultimately we know God is always good and His ways are better...higher.  I thought of my own circumstances, and realized that I needed a kick in the proverbial pants, or possibly even a real one!  It's time for me to count the cost of really following Christ.  It's promised in scripture that we will suffer.  I've been lulled in my life into comfort, ease, and distraction at times from my mission to bring God's kingdom.  I was reading in a devotional a week or so ago and a thought has been stuck in my mind....there's so much to pray for!  There's a lot at stake here.  It matters how I think and live.  I need to do it all for God's glory.

Rich Stearns is retiring from serving as the director of World Vision this year, and he writes in his new book, "Unfinished", "[Jesus' call] was not a call to give up on the world, holding our 'tickets to heaven' firmly in our hands and retreating into our churches.  It was a call to go INTO the world to reclaim, reform, and restore it for Christ."


  1. Love your heart, sweet friend! Hang in there. You are definitely counting the cost for Christ, and it matters! Thanks for always being there to encourage me...I treasure our friendship! Love you!

  2. "'Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you WILL FIND REST.'" (Matt. 11:28-29) Thank you for your real-time testimony to the truth of these words. Just what I needed to hear this rainy morning!

  3. Megan, I had someone refer you to be. I'm Kayla and I blog over at Keeping Up With Kayla, but I am involved in the new MS blogging community for women. We are looking to find all the MS readers we can! ;) We would love to have you there to share some posts and get to know a few new friends. Check us out at and email me if you have any questions :)