June 13, 2013

1st Missional Community Launched!

We commissioned ourselves 'Missionaries' to our city.  We're trying to see ALL of life as 'on mission', because we are a sent people according to Jesus in the gospel of Matthew.  So we decided to embark on this crazy, intentional journey to reach those in our city who are not interested in coming to a sunday gathering of Christians in a building designed for those purposes...(our former definition of church).  This summer we are experimenting with meeting as a missional community.  a what?!? A missional community is a family of missionary servants sent as disciples who make disciples.  We're talking about the gospel of Jesus.  It's the framework of the church-who we are not where we go, or what we do.  My hubbie explains it in detail on his blog which you can check out here.

Michael teaching at our first Missional Community

sweet gathering in our home
Pray for us as we seek to listen to the Holy Spirit's leading and follow hard after Him to reach our 'not yet family members' with the GOOD news!

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