January 28, 2014

Good News!

As I typed out the title of this blog post I immediately thought about the gospel of Jesus Christ-He is the ultimate Good News!  I was just reading a devotional about it today and how He's making us into a new creation and our call as Image bearer's of Christ is to show and share that good news that has/is/and is going to save us! 

The adoption journey is one way I feel that the Lord is trying to accomplish His purposes of making me more like Himself.  Romans 8:25 "but if we hope for what we do not see, we wait with endurance."  I'm waiting for Jesus to come back, I'm also waiting for a daughter from Ethiopia...the latter is helping produce endurance for the former.  It has been SO encouraging to hear from so many of y'all this month about how God has laid me and our family on your heart to pray!!  This prayer support has gotten me through a long month of waiting, and moving (we sold our house, moved in with a sweet family, and are moving into a rental this weekend until we can find a house to buy).

ok I just gotta say it....Ethiopian international adoptions are staying open!!!  Thank you Lord for answering our prayers!!!  This excerpt is from our email earlier today;

"We are thrilled to share positive news from Ethiopia.  Earlier today Minister Zenebu, along with other high level MOWCYA officials, met with agency network representatives.  In this meeting it was clearly expressed by Minister Zenebu that she does not plan to work to stop adoptions, but desires to focus on eliminating bad practice and continue to invest in good practice of Ethiopia adoptions.  She reiterated that neither MOWCYA nor the Ethiopian Government plan to shut down adoptions within Ethiopia, and went on to encourage agencies to continue their work as normal."

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  1. My heart is so full for you all! Praising our great father, "who sets the orphan in her family", with you all today!