May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014!!

Myles is trying to tell you something, but I'll do best to just blurt it out...We're expecting through adoption once again!  Wait, you say, you haven't gotten Marlee Joy home from Ethiopia yet and you're already jumping to another child?!?  The short answer to that is "Yes".  We are saying Yes to God when He asked us to start another journey to another child WHILE we wait to finish our adoption of Marlee.  We are saying Yes to God possibly giving us THREE children before we ever experiencing just two! (insert your crazy face and remark here___)  Here's a bit of the story....

In August of last year we had some hard conversations with our case manager regarding the wait in Ethiopia.  She was very honest with us and for that we were so glad.  but the news wasn't "good" and we were told that we would be waiting another two years if not longer; possibly seeing the country close to adoptions before we can ever finalize our adoption there.  She told us of different options (i.e. changing countries, trying to get pregnant, just keep waiting, or pursue a simultaneous adoption domestically while we wait).  The last option peaked our interest and we decided to start praying about a domestic/local adoption.  I jokingly texted my friend who is a local social worker asking if they were referring out any children to families at the time.  To my surprise she replied, "are you serious, because we're looking for a family to adopt right now"!  This situation ended up being an intense time of prayer/fasting/talking on the subject of domestic adoption for Michael and I, and a precious birth mother deciding to keep her child.  It was God's sovereignty.  We were so excited for her, and it really created a desire in us for this kind of adoption.  So we continued to pray for God's timing and leading.  Meanwhile we sold our house, moved in with friends, then to a rental, and finally found a house to buy.  In mid march we began to feel an urgency to turn in our application (it had been filled out since August) and begin the adoption journey to our child that would come from here.  We are opening our parameters to either gender and any race for this child, but it will be a newborn.  We are thrilled to be sharing our news and we appreciate your support.  Over the months of prayer, the Lord has opened our eyes to the great need right here in our country, state and city to widows and orphans.  I would urge you to consider praying and obeying the Lord's leading on what part He would have you to play in regards to our local orphans and widows.

So here's where we are.  Our paperwork is done.  We could have a baby in as few as 3-4 weeks (wow!!!).  Somehow, we have to come up with $15,000 in that amount of time.  Already we've seen God at work (more on that later), but it's a step of faith for sure.  Aside from our donation through paypal on the tool bar on the right hand side of the blog, we are having a noonday collection fundraiser at my house on May 22nd 6pm if you'd like to come!  We are also opening it up to online orders for those who can't come, but would still like to shop with a cause!  The online orders can be made anytime, not just on the 22nd.  Noonday Collection uses fashion and design to help create economic opportunity for the vulnerable.  The products these amazing artisans create from all over the world are beautiful!!  If you're interested in checking it out and ordering online you can go to add the items you want to your checkout and proceed to checkout.  BEFORE filling out your shipping info, under "Ambassador" find: Sarah Benton and under Trunk Show type: MeganManual5.22.14.  This way we know to credit your purchase to our adoption fundraiser!  We're also still selling coffee at

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