December 11, 2010

2nd Homestudy Mtg, Fingerprints,& turning 2!

My little man is getting SO big-today he turns 2!! Happy Birthday Myles! He was our little 'snow baby' born on a beautiful snowy day in Mississippi! Last year at his first birthday party we celebrated at the house with friends and family, and this year we spent his special day at our friend, Case's, birthday bash-jumping!! Myles had a blast, and tonight we're having the pancake supper, with cake and ice cream for the family! I'll post some pics of the day next time ;)

In adoption news this week: on tuesday we went for our 2nd homestudy meeting and had our 'couples interview'. 'no, ma'm, we've not been in marriage counseling before'. ;) We had fun retelling our love story, and the traits we love about each other! We paid half of our homestudy fee-hooray! Then, we went over to the police dept. downtown and finally found the right place. We got 'inked'. I thought it was so telling that the lady fingerprinting us made Michael close his eyes and totally relax his hand so she could do the fingerprints correctly! Hey, he doesn't like to be out of control-even to get his prints done :) These usually take the longest of all the documents to be processed and returned to us, so we wanted to get them done early! Next week-Online adoption education here we come!


  1. YAY!!! So much progress!! And Happy Birthday to cute Myles!!!

  2. Praying for those "prints" to come back fast! So excited for all the progress, and happy birthday Myles! Such a cutie pie!

  3. love,love the new pic...can't believe myles is already two...hooray for adoption progress...miss you!