December 5, 2010

All God's Children International

This is mainly for friends and family who want to know more details about our agency-AGCI. Click on the title of this post to watch a video on AGCI. Their website is

They are a well established, christian, adoption and orphan care agency/ministry. They are excellent in their communication, have great organization, and the staff is SO helpful and caring! Hannah's Hope was our selling point on this agency though. The children who are adoptable (have paperwork proving they are indeed, orphans)are taken from government run orphanages and brought to this wonderful home to prepare for and wait to be adopted. They are given nutritional meals, clothing, bright colorful rooms, a playroom, 'nursery school' for the toddlers and up, and the best part are the 'special mothers' who each take care of no more than 6 children at a time. These women are SO loving and caring, and my heart is at ease knowing Marlee will be loved so well here while she waits for us to come get her!


  1. Love AGCI and love your new blog picture!!!

  2. That is really cool. Missed seeing you this morning, Megan! Hope you are feeling better!