December 16, 2010

sent off!

I'm SO excited today that I got to send off our fingerprints to request our 'no records found' report from the FBI! (hon, if you've got a hidden past, I need to know now! haha) Myles has been sick this week and it's been so cold until today that we've been homebound. We are also sending off our Christmas newsletter in batches, with the first batch out yesterday!

I also was really hit today while reading Kristi's blog ( She's traveling around Ethiopia taking photos of orphans to plead their case back here in the states to find them forever homes. She also had the wonderful privaledge of traveling to meet her adopted daughter's birth-family! To read about her experience meeting the birthmom and extended family (that looks just like her, she said) made it very real to me that somewhere across the world, Marlee Joy is growing inside a beautiful and heroic woman who will struggle and give us the best gift ever. I broke down and prayed fervently for her today. Would you say a prayer too?? Love her and her little miracle so much already.

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