January 9, 2011

God's been showing off

Get ready to have your mind blown! (I actually prayed that God would give me a testimony like this to share with you so we could only praise HIM)

So after my last post, I've heard of many of you praying for us, encouraging us, giving to us, and helping us brainstorm fundraising ideas-THANK YOU!! Like I said in my last post, God has really given me a peace and a 'refocus' on Him and His promises. I got to spend friday and part of saturday with some sweet friends at a staff wives retreat. We spent a lot of time in the Word together and praying for one another. I left SO encouraged! Then, this morning at church...Michael and I got an anonymous gift of $4000!!!! If you remember my last post, this is exactly how much we needed to meet our deadline on thursday!!!

We are SO grateful!! What a blessing. I've gone through a lot of emotions today :) But what I most want to do is praise the Lord for being our provider! And I really wanted to post this awesome news so that you all could help me praise and thank Him too!!

If our generous donor reads this blog, thank you is so inadequate, but I know you did it this way so the outcome would be Thanks going to the Lord instead of you, and that is SO beautiful. Your obedience to Him is my blessing for sure, but I pray it would be yours in abundance too.

You know, the body of Christ is a beautiful thing. At the outset of this journey, I've been so excited to see God use His body, and each and every one of you buying a bag of coffee, writing a check, sending us encouraging notes, PRAYING, and loving us is a HUGE blessing to us, and I pray it would be to you too.

God is so good, and so faithful. Hope you had some fun seeing His provision in our lives today :) Thanks be to God!!


  1. I love it!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  2. YAY!!! Praise God!! Love seeing him provide in such miraculous ways!!!

  3. Love it! He is faithful! Praising God over here in SC!

  4. all I can do is smile...God has a habbit of waiting until the last minute, then He shows up in a BIG way! :)
    ~Christa Lewis