January 6, 2011

Where we are...

ok, I've been unsure whether to put this out there or not, but I decided to go for it. I Know that God is our provider, that He's called us to adopt and that He will walk us on the specific, unique journey He has for us to go on. With that said I want to tell you all 'where we are'.

Three months ago we applied with our adoption agency, All God's Children. We were accepted into their Ethiopia program and are looking forward to a 0-12 month old baby girl at the end of this process!! We were given a 90 period to raise 7 grand to 'contract' with them and start our paper work process. Well, we had a small portion of that money in savings, but started fundraising right away with our Just love coffee (you can click the button to the right to order), and sent out christmas/support letters to our friends and family! We have been SO blessed by so many of you as you've sacrificed and prayed to help bring Marlee home :) however, our deadline-January 13th-is quickly approaching and we are still $4000 short. we may have a small "extension" from our agency, but we need more mulah. :)

I spent yesterday fasting and praying to seek God's face. He gave me SO much hope, encouragement, and a 'refocus' on Him-what truly matters. It can be easy to get distracted by things that seem to matter so much on this adoption journey like money, timeframes, and paperwork, but God has us on this Special journey to teach us and His timing is perfect every time!!

two things: please pray for our faith on this journey-there is so much power in your prayers!! and please pray about financially supporting us. the reality is that it costs upward of $28,000 to adopt.

love yall! Thanks.

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