January 19, 2011

We have paperwork

This whole time I've been most reluctant about the paperwork process of the adoption, but I never thought I would be so excited to get this!

ok, I know it's a horrible picture, but I was SO excited to get our adoption planner in the mail yesterday and get to work :) I was in a hurry to snap this pic because Michael was pulling out of the driveway and wanting me to jump in to head to our adoption fellowship group! We met at Aladdin restaurant in fondren and the kids were crazy! here's a pic to show off the quality of the dads in the group-go Lee!

A big thanks to Alison at www.lovinmuch.blogspot.com for organizing these gatherings. I just love having a support group of similar families, and I believe will be crucial for Marlee to see and know these families that are similar to hers. And thanks to sweet Callie Grace for taking care of and playing so well with Myles! He was talking about her all night, and when we got in the car, Michael said, I hope Marlee is just like Callie Grace! (She is holding Myles in the pic above!)

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  1. Oh HOW SWEET!! Callie Grace just loves "taking care" of cute Myles!! She had so much fun with him last night! And I LOVE that you have the BIG notebook! That will be your best friend in the next few months! It seriously went almost everywhere with me for 4 months! Ha! :)