June 4, 2011

news on the paperwork chase

It's been over a week now and I need to update y'all on our paperwork "chase" as some call it! (I have a few other choice words I could call it, but I'll refrain for now:) Anyways, I have to admit that I've got some nervous energy surrounding all this adoption paperwork right now! this past week has been full of adoption talk from our sweet adoption fellowship group get together, some fellow ethiopia adopting mamas got together for coffee one night, and some more news from our agency! So I thought I would put all the facts in bullet form for easier reading:

1. Our agency has confirmed MOWA (Ethiopian govt. that processes adoptions) is only processing 5 adoption cases a day. (this is a large slow down)

2. Our agency has also decided that they would change their policy that we came in under from needing our FDL (favorable determination letter) to complete our paperwork/dossier to not needing it during our "6 month time limit". (we have 6 months to turn in all our paperwork and we have one week left and all we are waiting on is that letter) SO-we are hoping to have BIG and exciting news for y'all on monday ;) stay tuned.

3. We got our first grant money yesterday that will allow us to pay the fees needed to turn in our paperwork!!

4. I had to make some revisions on our paperwork and sweet Tammy from church helped me get that all done yesterday and make all my copies I needed!

that may make little to zero sense to you, but in a nutshell-we are getting very close to being done with all this paperwork phase and moving into the "waiting phase". Soon you can just ask me "what are you waiting on now?" and that may be a great blog heading in the future too! thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement as we press on to do God's will for our lives!

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  1. YAY!!! I cannot wait to have ya'll join us on the girl waitlist! Caroline Faith wants her friend Marlee to come home close to when she does!!! :)