June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Myle's amazing daddy!! Michael's such an inspiration to me everyday. He loves Myles (and Me) from a heart filled with the Holy Spirit who is in love with our Heavenly Father. Thank you for being a great dad!! (and husband, and man!) And a big Happy Father's Day to big Bob and Papa Hulley who our Michael and I's wonderful father's/superheroes and are such great individuals to imitate the way they live and love!

The rest of these pictures are a representation of what we've been up to lately...warning-I'm writing this late at night and it's an attempt at not taking our position in our adoption journey too seriously! I thought we'd have great news last week-or was that two weeks ago?? can't remember-but we're still waiting on a fingerprint appointment to come in the mail before we can turn in our paperwork!

Myles taking pics at the beach with his cousins Charley and Reese-He loved it this year!

the first thing I bought for Marlee...I've wanted one of these tutu swimsuits for a little girl forever, and Michael didn't even balk at me buying it today. He knew I needed encouragement :)

Me anxiously scouring through the day's mail!

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  1. So funny, Megan! I have eyed that tutu bathing suit at target as well! I think I am going to have to buy one for our Sadie! (: