July 1, 2011


Today was the first day I haven't stalked the mailbox. Today was the first day I didn't even get the mail at all. Today I had resigned to the holiday weekend bringing me NO official government mail that I have been waiting for. Today I was wrong!

Our US.CIS biometric fingerprinting appointment came in the mail TODAY!!

I was trying to remember how long we've been waiting for this little letter yesterday, I think it's 8 weeks, but I'm a little fuzzy after so long :) I really was ok in my spirit about waiting on it-knowing it would come in God's perfect time. It's just great when NOW (Mine and Myles favorite word) is God's timing :)
Today was ordained by a sovereign God. The way He cares about the small details in our days is humbling and fills me with gratitude. He cares for you too. He is teaching me to pour my heart out to Him more and more because He is so trustworthy and He loves so deeply.

Now, we WAIT until our appointment (july 13th) and then send in our paperwork with a photocopy of our fingerprint letter! We'll WAIT until the US.CIS approves our fingerprints to be "officially done" with paperwork, but they will let us turn it all in after we get our prints taken. When we send in our papers, they will put us on the "WAITing list" to be matched up with our little girl!!

More WAITing to come, but another step closer to Marlee is SO sweet!!


  1. Awesome. I felt the spirit so heavily as I read your words. You are precious & God loves you so much! Praying for you on this awesome journey.

  2. Patience... very hard to have!!! Love u!!

  3. YAY!!! I just got chills when I saw this! Yesterday morning (July 1st) I went walking, and I was specifically praying for ya'll and that you would get your fingerprint appointment that day! And now I just read that you DID!!!! WOW!!! Praise God! Rejoicing with ya'll!!!

  4. Alison, wow! thanks for the prayers :)