July 21, 2011

"F"avorable "D"etermination "L"etter

Our FDL came in the mail yesterday. what?!? haha I could not believe it, even when I saw it! It has only been a week since we were printed and we already received it in the mail-crazy! that may have been the shortest wait for an FDL in recent history! I guess we waited on the front end this time. That letter completes the dossier officially and speaking of dossier's; ours is being reviewed tomorrow! Pray it doesn't need revisions and we can jump on the waitlist!


  1. Hallelujah!!! Wonderful news!!

  2. That is incredible, Megan! Such a fast turn around for your FDL! We got fingerprinted on the 11th and have not heard back yet. Cannot wait to see our names (maybe side by side) on that waitlist next week!!! (: