July 28, 2011

Is it Friday yet??

Though the Lord has been steadily showing me things and growing me-I have a LONG ways to go. starting with my impatience...:) honestly though, this week especially, I have felt so impatient with this adoption journey. And I've learned that often times my impatience is a direct result to an ungrateful heart. who knows if that's the case this time or not, but I do know I will justify myself to the bitter end usually and, people, it gets a whole lot worse!

Two things are heavy on my heart and mind right now...
1. yesterday I was finally able to send in our paperwork revisions, but I had missed the delivery truck by 10 min. so my overnight shipping turned into the next day's which means that our papers will arrive to our agency friday mid-morning. If our case manager is able to review them friday, and we need no more revisions we MAY be put on the waiting list...possibly will have to wait until next week if they are swamped. I am very ready to be officially 'waiting' haha, but I'm also very nervous. And if you know me, you would say 'Amen' to that last statement ;) I've wondered "Do I have what it takes to stick out this 18+ months of waiting?" Myles reminded me in our paperwork-errand running this week that we follow Jesus; and trusting Him is what I need! So I'm trying to do this-moment. by. moment.

2. You probably already know, but there is a devestating drought turning into famine right now in the Horn of Africa. It's the worst it's been in decades they are saying. Worst right now in Somalia-oh my heart breaks for this country that is war-torn and now destitute as thousands seek salvation in refugee camps in Kenya-which is also feeling the hard effects of drought, high food prices, corrupt governments, and now thousands more refugees. Ethiopia is right along with them; as is Uganda. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by injustice and poverty. My heart breaks. I'm so glad our Heavenly Father's heart breaks too, and He will uphold the cause of the poor. So I've been praying, and struggling with what to do. We sponsor some children through www.World Vision.org and www.Compassion.com. (Blogger wont let me post pics or link to their websites right now, but these are at least their URL addresses) Our almost 9 year old little boy, Gideon, lives in rural Kenya so I donated to compassion's "african drought" fund. I have Marlee's birthmother in my heart too as I think about such hardship in these countries. I can't imagine what it would be like to be pregnant on the equator in the third world during a severe drought. We get updates from compassion and in the one I got yesterday they said many women are reporting miscarriages after having to work/walk so hard/long to get water. compassion also has a fund for pregnant women and babies 'at risk'. I may donate to that as well. But is that all? God, what would you have your church do to help save your people? what would you have me do? It's hard to sit in my airconditioned house sipping on clean cold water while dinner is in the oven and know this is not even close to reality for millions of people around the world.

So, I'm unsure of what to do, and maybe you are too. Maybe we should hang out, pray together, see what God wants to say. Check out those website links and donate if that's what you hear God saying to you too.

Hopefully I'll have more uplifting news tomorrow/soon!


  1. Girl, I totally hear ya...I donated through Compassion's "Africa drought" fund too, but I feel like I need to do more! praying!! And I am really hoping to see your waitlist number tomorrow!!!! That would make my day! Ya'll have waited patiently for sooooo long now!!! Sweet Miss Marlee is going to be so worth the wait!!!

  2. Thanks girl, you have been such an encouragement and help!