August 15, 2011

7 years together

Not too shabby for a self-portrait of us, hun! Michael and I got to celebrate 7 years together this weekend!! Saturday we went to the Fairview Inn and ate at Sophia's restaurant, then we went to Belhaven and rocked in the rocking chairs and remembered where our love began. It was so sweet and fun! 'our swing' by the lake isn't there anymore, but the rocking chair's in front of the fountain are, and we had many late night talks there too :) Having such a love is truly one of the biggest blessings of my life and one that we try not to take for granted. Marriage takes a lot of maintenance work, but is so rewarding! We've had lots of adventures in our 7 years together (Myles being the biggest) and are looking forward to many more to come, Lord willing! This year, as a wife, I was challenged to really intercede in prayer for my husband in an intentional way. I've had times when I did this well, and times I haven't, and I can really tell that my prayers mattered. I would encourage all the girls out there to be praying for your husband (future or present) and to get specific. God delights to answer us and bless us in our relationships!

May you be blessed in yours today!

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  1. So sweet...and that's a great challenge! I need to do that more for Jody too! Happy 7 Year Anniversary to ya'll! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night! :)