August 30, 2011

BEMM fundraiser-thru this week only!

So I've been prayin' and thinkin' and plannin' about...fundraisers. The first three letters of that word do NOT describe it accurately for me at all. Whatever it stems from I'm not sure, but bottom line-I don't like fundraising. I'd much rather be giving it to someone when a friend messaged me about this fundraiser today I decided to jump on it-a way to do both!

Steffany is a fellow AP (adoptive parent) and in her blog posts she loves to use acronyms!! She has created an organization called BEMM (Because Every Mother Matters) to help Ethiopian mamma's and prevent more orphans. She is trying to purchase an ambulance for a village that could save 40 mama's and their babies every month, and she is raising the funds for this project


If you click on the link below, there's a BEMM 'button' on the right hand side of her blog. Anyone who donates $20 to the ambulance fund can put our families name down in the 'notes for recipient' line as you are reviewing your donation, and we are entered in a chance to win some cash for our adoption fund! Win/win! Do it soon, though-we only have until sunday! and only donations with our name on it will be used toward this project.

Here it is in her words, but blogger wont let me link to it:

or you can go straight to Because Every Mother Matters website and donate.

Thanks, and have a great week!

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