August 24, 2011

trippling our fun

What's going on with us lately? well, church. In the south, it seems, we have a phenomenon where when people go back to school (in our case at MC-college) they come back to church. It's just the ebb and flow of church attendance I guess. This year, our 'storefront' church building that holds 350 people with 6 classrooms and two potties:) was definately a fire hazard!

Here it is in my pastor's/hubbie's words:

Here are some pics that don't do our people justice, but I was so surprised and excited that I just started snapping :) We had about 100 people come to church last week that couldn't fit in our worship center, overflow room, or Den (where fussy babies and their parents go to see the service). so they huddled lobby furniture around-including rocking chairs from the nursery and faced the little TV in the lobby to worship together!

Michael trying to direct people and not sure what to do!

standing room only in the worship center!

people starting to gather for worship in the lobby. Welcome to church!

please pray for our body as we embark on another journey of faith!


  1. Wow!!! That is amazing! Jody had told me ya'l had a big Sunday, but I had no idea it was that big!!! Praise God!!!

  2. Wow, praise God! I just found you from another blog and wanted to say hi! Praying for you as you wait...