November 24, 2010

1st Homestudy Meeting

We had our first Homestudy meeting this past friday afternoon and I've been a little slow to post about it partly due to my sinus infection that hit and partly because I was a little disappointed that we couldn't 'officially' start our Homestudy due to lack of funds at the time. I didn't realize that we had to pay half the homestudy fee right up front and the other half just before we completed the homestudy. So we had a great informal interview with no real headway.

Many of you know that I've been stressin about the financial side of this adoption journey. I haven't been totally resting in God's providential hands, I guess you could say. WELL, He showed me a thing or two! The very next day we had over what we needed to start our homestudy! what?! yea, God wasn't content to just provide, He wanted to go above and beyond and show me how able He is.

So I called our social worker monday morning and she's out all week due to Thanksgiving, but I got to leave her the good news on voicemail so we get to start paperwork next monday!! Thank you to all of you wonderful friends and sweet family and just followers of God who have given! Marlee will hear of your love :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! we'll be here celebrating with the Manuels, and it's nice that it's low key and no traveling since I've been in bed for days, and just got Myles back from the doctor today with a sinus infection. I'm so ready for us all to be well longer than 2 weeks at a time! Did you hear it's suppossed to go from being 80 to 49 on friday?!? just another Mississippi Thanksgiving!

Bless you all!

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  1. YAY!!! Praise God for the way He provided for ya'll to begin your homestudy!! Awesome news!!! Hope that ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!! Love ya!