November 14, 2010

Adding another "M"

So when we started talking about having kids, we also started throwing out names like most couples do. One afternoon after work Michael came straight in the door, got the phone book, and plopped down on the couch to scour it for names for our baby! Along the way HE decided to name every child we have an "M" name so we will all be the same :) awww...yes-we are THAT family!! We didn't find out what we were having with our first biological child so when He came, Myles Nathan He became! We were at a loss for boy names and finally went to Margaritas (our fav. local mexican restaurant) and Michael just said out of the blue, what about Myles...I said I like it-sure! Nathan is after the prophet Nathan in scripture. We pray He will have a heart for God and speak His truth boldly to the world.

The girl name was easy :) I had the most wonderful aunt who passed away from breast cancer 6 years ago. She was a model for me of so many qualities I wanted to emulate...gracious, giving, fun-loving, hospitable, serving, loving, encouraging, and such a wonderful mom and aunt!! oh, and her name started with an "M" :) I wanted to honor her memory by naming our daughter after her. Her name was...Marlene, but we decided to drop the 'n' and make it a little more modern. MARLEE!!

Her middle name is after the matriarch of Michael's family :) The grandkids lovingly called her 'JG'. She lived a long and full life, and finally got to go home with Jesus this past May after battling cancer. She was an excellent wife and mother who taught me a lot about southern cooking, and raising a family! She was smart, witty, sweet, stubborn, and so full of love for others! She was known and loved by everyone in the community, and we miss her lots. What an easy choice of middle name. JOY!!

I know Marlee is spelled with a 'y' in this pic, but myles had hid some blocks and I couldn't find another 'E'. At the time of the picture he was crawling up me and pulling at my arm for the camera so i was kinda in a hurry to snap it!! Forgive me ;)


  1. Awww!! I LOVE her name!! It is adorable! And you know I love that it is another "M" name!! We have the "C" thing going at our house! :) Can't wait to meet sweet Miss Marlee Joy!!

  2. What a great name.
    I love when children are named after dearly loved family members, it means so much.

  3. Beautiful name- and what a nice way to honor people you love. I remember your aunt, and she was wonderful. Super excited for you guys! Congrats!