November 11, 2010

Coffee Fundraiser!

Everyone knows a coffee drinker, right?! Good! Then you can click over to our new coffee fundraising store and order some for home, and some for gifts!

Our first fundraising effort is a coffee store from Just Love Coffee Roasters! They are a wonderful company who provides families and organizations fundraising opportunities for adoptions and benevolent causes!! They provide fair-trade coffees from all around the world (including Ethiopia!) as well as apparel and accessories.

We LOVE coffee over at the Manuel house, and I've worked several coffee jobs during and after college, so this was a fitting fundraiser for us! The Just Love Coffee company does all the leg work so you can just buy online and they send it right to you, and they send the check right to our adoption fund! hooray :) One step closer to our baby girl!
Thanks, and enjoy some good coffee with a good read!

I just finished 'The Hole in the Gospel' by Richard Stearns (President of World Vision)

It rocked my socks!


  1. Is there a link for your store? I have this sudden urge for some coffee ;)

  2. haha, michael just told me I forgot to add it! He just put it at the top right of the blog :)