November 5, 2010


I sure did feel like a new freshman on campus tonight.

Tonight, Michael and I had our 'orientation phone call' with our adoption agency, All God's Children International. We were sent a big ole packet in the mail that arrived yesterday late, and we had a big day today so we didn't get a chance to look through it before we started-ugh oh! It really was fine, we learned a lot about the process we'll be going through, service agreements, fees (yikes!), time frames (about 18 months), etc.

We are so excited to start this process, but the main thing we need now-our 'next step' is $ MONEY $. I am really bad at this y'all...really have always hated fundraising, but there's no way around it here ;) We need a big chunk of change right up front to the tune of $7,000+, and then there will be increments we will need to pay as we go. Please pray for my faith. (Michael rocks in this area!) I told him, I know God can provide, but will he? I've heard that 'God funds what He favors' so I'm excited to be on this faith journey!

We will be sending out support letters and brainstorming fundraising ideas in the next few days, but in the meantime you can donate to our adoption account by clicking on the pay pal button on the top right of the blog.

Besides this excited (and slightly overwhelming) first step in our adoption journey, we have a new nephew today!! Steven 'Reese' Farris was born this morning at 7:54. Weighing in at 6lbs 11oz., and 19inches long. Pretty great for being just over 3 weeks early! He's so beautiful and healthy-what an answer to prayer! We are all thrilled he is finally here :) I'll post pics tomorrow since I was so enthralled today I completely forgot to take pics! (bad aunt, shame!)

We have to thank the Curtis fam for watching Myles tonight during the call and then for the evening while we took a much needed date night out to eat and a little Christmas shopping!


  1. I'm so excited to follow you on this journey!!! I know that the Lord will provide and it is a neat thing to be able to watch Him fulfill a specific desire you have had for so long! Love u!

  2. Very exciting! We will be praying for you guys. Keep us updated. BTW we are coming through there on Dec. 19th and staying the night...if possible we would love to see you.

  3. yes please!! can't wait to chat in person!

  4. YAY! So glad ya'll got the orientation call done! Another step closer!! :) And just saw that November 2009 was the month that God stirred your heart to too! Love how God was calling us at just the same time! :)